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We're all about indie horror.

Founders, Brad and Ted, met in film school and bonded over a mutual love of indie horror.  After graduating film school, they both did stints in LA.  Albeit, at different times.  While Ted gravitated to screenwriting and attempted to get a real job in the film industry, Brad dove headfirst into the indie horror scene and held down various non-film related jobs to pay for his indie film habit.    

Somewhere during this time, they both decided that there should be a place for indie horror films to be discussed, promoted and celebrated.  That became our blog and website, the original Dead Harvey.  We continued to write screenplays, produce indie shorts and features and network with other indie horror filmmakers and fans.  We learned from others, we learned from our mistakes and met a lot of like-minded people.  We even came close on a few projects, as we talked with managers, agents and producers.  Then, it all fizzled out.  

Now, we're back.  This is the new Dead Harvey and we have big plans.  We're a podcast, we're a newsletter and we're a community.  Again, we want to discuss, promote and celebrate indie horror...  and we want to work with those like-minded indie horror filmmakers and fans to make things happen because we're also a marketing group, an agency and a content studio.  

Indie horror - we're all about it.

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