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Suicide Poet

“Suicide Poet” is a comedy/spoken word documentary from Dead Harvey / Straight
Stumble Productions and it’s about a man drunk on his own thoughts and
dark comedy, examining life after the trauma of getting his leg cut off.


Plot Outline - After going to the hospital for a routine check up, Bruce Jay
discovered his leg was infected with gas gangrene and had to have it
severed below the knee that very night. The trauma of being an amputee
haunted Jay with depression and suicidal thoughts. Lacking the funds to
seek help from the academic world of psychologists, philosophers or
doctors, Jay examines his discombobulated life from a street perspective.


Through talking with people, using his dark comedy and jaded point of
view, he seeks to discover if life is worth living. "Suicide Poet" is the every
man's thinking movie that makes light of a very dark subject and dares you
to come along for the ride.


Starring: Bruce Jay, Joe Estevez, Paul Fanning, Butch Bradley
Directed By: Brad Paulson
Written By: Bruce Jay
Produced By: Bruce Jay and Brad Paulson
Composer: Tony Longworth

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